Friday, June 14, 2013

Water bowling (more fun than you would think)

We are currently 2 weeks into summer vacation, and my four children are already singing the summer blues. I am constantly hearing, "I'm bored." & the ever popular "there's nothing to do." 

Time to buckle down and get creative. Money is tight, and finding inexpensive things that are "fun", is quite challenging with my children's mix of personalities. 

While at a friends house, the kids were playing with shaving cream, "snow", and then began filling 5 gallon buckets up with water.

Then I notice my 11 year old, he's making a pyramid with red Solo cups! Then that is when the idea hit us, "water bowling"! It was quickly a hit, and kept the kids attention and interest for a good 30 minutes. The game is simple, and is much like regular bowling. You set up the empty "pins" (cups) and then fill up another cup with water, then throw the water at the bottom of the lined up "pins" knocking them over. (pictured below) The rules are just like regular bowling, and the children get to take turns. It worked out amazing, and kept the kids cool in the 90+ degree weather we have been having here in South Florida. Have fun, and keep looking for more inexpensive boredom relieving ideas all summer long!

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