Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Amazing Watermelon "cake"

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I have this amazingly crafty & creative friend. She manages to make anything look good. We all have a friend like that, right? Well, while out shopping the other day, she says, I want to make a watermelon cake that I saw on Pinterest. So away she went picking up ingredients.

We get back to her house, she disappears off into the kitchen with cool whip, a watermelon, kiwi, & strawberries. She bursts back out into the dining room and presents this masterpiece! 

I am first of all awestruck at her creativity, but the execution on this cake is amazing. 

To make the "cake" part of this watermelon cake, you cut off the ends of the watermelon, leaving the large midsection of the watermelon. You then cut the skin off of the watermelon, leaving a nice round "cake"! Then you would "frost" the "cake" with cool whip, and place your decorations on the outside. You can choose other fruits to make it more festive for the 4th of July! Enjoy :)

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