Monday, July 1, 2013

Delicious "cone creations"

With the 4th coming up this week, I thought that I would put together a couple of recipes. This one is amazing, & the kids can join in to make their own "cone creations". We thought of names for this, but none really came to mind. They are incredibly simple, and depending on what you choose (or the children choose) to put inside of them, they can be relatively healthy. For ours, we chose waffle cones, nutella, strawberries, bananas, & marshmallows.  The assembly is simple, and you can choose to set up stations if you are going to get the children involved in making them. I would suggest lining the inside of the cone with nutella, and then letting the children take it from there. You could also do the traditional whopper chocolate candy at the bottom of the cone like you would for ice cream cones. (note: we did not do that) 
 After you line the inside of the cone with nutella (or peanut butter, my youngest son has nut allergies, so we use nutella in peanut butters place with most recipes) Then you would add the other ingredients.
We mixed all of our ingredients (strawberries, bananas & marshmallows) into a bowl together, and then scooped them into the cone. 
Once you have all of the ingredients that you choose inside of the cone, then you would wrap them up in aluminum foil. 

Once you get the cones all wrapped up inside of the aluminum foil, you can choose to either place them on the grill or on a fire. (I would suggest using some sort of a grate to be able to get them out easier) 

We put ours on the grill. Only leave them there for a few minutes just to warm them up. If you choose to put other ingredients inside of the cones that require melting, I would suggest using your best judgement as to how long it may take for those things to melt.

Other suggested ingredients include, but are not limited to:
  • blue berries 
  • raspberries 
  • chocolate chips
Let me know what you would suggest for ingredients!

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